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Greetings citizens of eDom,

Its old tradition of Amaterasu that when 
extraordinary individual join us or display incredible effort for unit we reward him with article and interview. So today i present you new Dragon of Amaterasu Thanatos!

1) For start, tell us something about Thanatos in RL and after that about your history in games.

- About me? Hm, first question, so I can tell you about myself in a few pages. :) I’ll be short.
In RL my name is Davor. No, Im not Davor Šuker. :D I live in Osijek, Croatia. I’m 34 years old. I work as an accounting manager, and still I’m a student at two Faculties, law and economics. I’m waiting from both Faculties for invitations to defend my thesis. I like almost everything, women, drinking, fun and traveling xD
I started playing this game at the beginning, I didnt start from the first day to play, because I thought it would be another copy of the game from the oldest games Ive played so far, I thought it would be boring. After some persuasion, I registered a couple of days after the game started. I registered in eSlovenia, I was quiet and withdrawn, I watched what others were doing, the most interesting was of course in the Balkans, in the Croat-Serb relationship. They fought, then they reconciled, somehow it looked like a soap opera. :D
Since at that time Slovenia was an ally of eColombia, I was in eColombia for a couple of months because of the bonuses that eColombia had at that time. I came back to eSlovenia and got a little active in the game. First as a congressman, then for a while in the government, and finally 3 times president of eSlovenia. 
I must say that it was precisely because of eSlovenians that I enrolled in one of those two faculties in Slovenia, which I will soon graduate from. :)

2) You were one of few active players in Slovenia, also their CP. Why did you decide to leave?

- Although the eSlovenians are good players, they aren’t very active, they play more double-click. I wanted a change, I wanted to get a little more involved in the work of the state, military units, where I can help in any way and where I can fight, thats why I came to eTurkey. Believe me, Im not bored now.

3) Few months have passed since you became a member of Amaterasu, so what are your impressions of your new unit?

- As a member of Amaterasu for the past few months, Ive had the opportunity to gain valuable insights and experiences within the unit. My overall impression has been very positive. The unit is filled with dedicated and skilled individuals who are committed to our mission and work together cohesively as a team. Ive learned a lot from my fellow members and have been impressed by their professionalism and expertise.
One of the things that stands out to me is the strong sense of camaraderie within Amaterasu. We support each other, and theres a shared sense of purpose that makes the unit feel like a second family. Additionally, the leadership within Amaterasu has been exemplary, providing clear guidance and fostering an environment where everyones contributions are valued.
In these few months, Ive also had the opportunity to participate in some challenging and rewarding missions. The units dedication to excellence and continuous improvement has been evident throughout these experiences.
Overall, my impressions of Amaterasu have been extremely positive, and Im excited to continue growing and contributing to the units success in the future.

4) Recently you were promoted into MC of NWB alliance and became part of HQ as well taking a position in the Turkish government as Chief of Military Affairs. How that happened and tell us how one working day looks in game for you.

- Believe me, the title I wear in the alliance is not important to me at all. My promotion to the MC of NWB alliance and my role in the HQ came about through a combination of dedication, hard work, and collaboration with my fellow alliance members. Over time, I demonstrated leadership skills, strategic thinking, and a commitment to the alliances goals, which led to this opportunity.
In addition to my role within NWB, I was appointed as the Chief of Military Affairs, or as Takeda calls me Sultan in the Turkey government, a position that carries significant responsibility. This came about due to my background in military strategy and my ability to work closely with government officials to ensure the defense and security of our nation.
Its a demanding and dynamic role, but I find it both challenging and rewarding. Success in this dual position requires strategic thinking, effective communication, and the ability to adapt to ever-changing circumstances in the game world.
The most important thing for me is that I can contribute to work and military activities throughout the day, of course if time permits. In most cases, yes. If I’m unavailable, I go in and do what I need to do. I announce that I will be gone for several hours for various reasons, because I also have a real life. :)

5) For many months now all of our enemies are wiped from the map, some arranged NAP, some rejected. What is your view on the current situation in the game?

- The current situation in the game, where all of our enemies have either entered into NAPs or been eliminated, is undoubtedly a testament to our alliances strength, strategy, and diplomacy. Achieving such a dominant position on the map is a significant accomplishment, and it reflects the dedication and coordination of our alliance members.
On the positive side, having NAPs in place with some former adversaries can contribute to a period of relative peace and stability. It allows us to focus on internal development, resource management, and other aspects of the game that may have been overshadowed during times of conflict. It also provides an opportunity for diplomatic engagement and collaboration with neighboring alliances and nations.
However, its important to remain vigilant even in times of peace. While we may not have active military threats at the moment, the games dynamics can change rapidly. We should continue to monitor the situation, strengthen our alliances, and be prepared for any potential challenges that may arise in the future.
Additionally, this period of peace and dominance can be an opportunity to further consolidate our position, build up our infrastructure, and explore new avenues for growth and influence in the game world. Its a chance to solidify our leadership and potentially play a role in shaping the broader geopolitical landscape.

6) What do you think about our Overlord Shiroe?

 - Shiroe is a highly respected and capable leader within our alliance. His strategic acumen and dedication to our goals have been instrumental in our alliances success. He has consistently demonstrated the ability to navigate complex situations, forge strong alliances, and lead our alliance to victory.
Shiroes leadership style fosters a sense of unity and purpose among our members. He values input from all alliance members, encourages collaboration, and ensures that everyones contributions are acknowledged. His commitment to fairness and transparency in decision-making has earned him the trust and admiration of many within our ranks.
Moreover, Shiroes ability to adapt to changing circumstances and come up with innovative solutions has been crucial in overcoming challenges in the game. His guidance and strategic thinking have been a source of inspiration for many of us, and he sets a high standard for leadership within our alliance.
As I personally call him Boss. :)

7) Message for end?

- I just have to say something to our enemies, dont be afraid, we dont bite. Feel free to contact us, but if you want NAP, you cannot set conditions, because you are not able to set them. You have options, just take them as they are. I’ll take this opportunity to thank eColombia for keeping the agreement for now. A message to others that others can do the same. 
Thank you for this conversation. If you have any more questions or need further assistance in the future, dont hesitate to ask. Have a wonderful day!




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Fake BotBatu, new Sultan in town!

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lega nisi trebo biti nevjernik svoje drzave i napuštat

17 Sep 23 02:24
Thanatos the Great

@krele nisam je ni napustio, iz prijasnjih iskustava iz drugih igrica slicnih ovoj, nisam se htio registrirati u eHrvatskoj, onaj tko me zna, zna o cemu pricam.

18 Sep 23 23:20

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