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Saint Patricks Day in Colombia

It is with great love and joy, coupled with plenty of Guinness, Ireland would like to extend our St. Patricks day festivities to our new lands in Colombia

Ireland has never before visited South America in this game but now finds itself located in the warm and pleasant lands of Colombia.

While we cannot bring that other great resource we are know for.... Rain and storms!!!

We can bring the Shamrock and Guinness and all things Green to you , Irish Culture and joy, on Saint Patricks Day.

So Colombians the Battle for Medellin has begun and on a successful completion of this battle hopefully (from an Irish perspective) we in Ireland have arranged a couple of events in this region for you to enjoy....

Windsor Pub in Envigado will hold a St. Patrick’s Day party on Friday, March 15 (so hurry) and Saturday, March 16 with live music on Saturday. They will offer food and drink specials and provide 10% off your bill if you wear green. Check out their Facebook page for more information.


Patrick’s Irish Pub In El Poblado will kick off their celebration on March 15 (again hurry) and will continue the party until March 17.  They will offer all of your favorite Irish drinks from Guinness to Murphy’s to Jameson and will serve it up with fish and chips. They will have Irish costume contests and will also be broadcasting UFC 158 on March 16. Check out their Facebook page for more information.

Enjoy the day as much as we will and remember the times you visited our lands... we have never forgot and are now delighted to repay the favour

On behalf of the eIrish Government


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Comments (5)

16 Mar 23 15:07
Winston Hope Smith

disfruten sus pintas chicos

16 Mar 23 15:28
Theivin Nigr

What a Joy it will be. Celebrating St. Patricks day in our X - Allies hometown.

16 Mar 23 20:55
Buckwheat McCoy

Some Guinness sounds really good right now

17 Mar 23 15:50

Иван Стамболийски 14 мин · Контрола е ужасен, но става 🙂 за любителите на Баншите.

18 Mar 23 07:23
Winston Hopeless Smith

ha ha nice game :P